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It’s really nice being proud of films you make. It’s not easy making good movies. If it were, there’d be a lot more of them. Given how much work that goes into these movies, it’s always nice seeing the final product and being satisfied as opposed to being ashamed. It’s opened a lot of doors and provided a lot of opportunities. I directed last year and it was just fantastic, and it just wouldn’t have happened without Marvel.
So in a lot of ways, I owe them that.
- Chris Evans on what’s been the best part about being Steve Rogers

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The urgency of the war, along with changing conceptions of women’s roles in society, meant that the U.S. military enlisted the help of thousands of women. In fact, about 350,000 women served in the armed forces […] When women shipped off, they took cosmetics with them into battle. Lipstick was one of the ways these women defined themselves; to them it signaled femininity and strength. (full quote at sarriane)

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whats with parents and comparing you with other peoples kids………

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I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.

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I hate you, beasty.

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